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This is for my entry for an art competition at a local convention. :) The theme was about Super Heroes VS. Super Villains. The Characters need to be your OC's. So that is my OC Lavina(left) and Alatarielle(right)



Name: Alatarielle, Princess Alatarielle
Age: 15
Race: High Elf
Power: Wind
Special Ability: When her eyes start to glow Orange, she will go on Berserk Mode. Her true powers will be realized.


Name: Lavina
Age: 349 (She doesn't age)
Race: Earth Nymph
Power: Able to control the earth- plants, soil, flowers, trees, etc.
Special Ability: When her tattoos glow, she will be able to utilize her maximum capabilities.


It all began when the last of the Elders departed. The forest needed new rulers, and the next in line were the High Elves.

The High Elves have done their duty well to rule and serve the forest. The only daughter, Princess Alatarielle, also did her part in serving their kingdom, despite her young age. And for that, she is well loved by her parents and by the people.

But not everyone was pleased to be under the new management. The resistance, led by the powerful earth nymph, Lavina, planned to destroy the current rule of the High Elves and claim it for her own. She devised a plan that is sure to crumble the current rule. To target the kingdom's weakness- the only daughter and princess, Alatarielle.

One night, they sneaked in the chambers of the princess and kidnapped her. Now, the princess is in the tendrils of Lavina.

Alatarielle managed to escape from the cell where she was imprisoned, but all that was forseen by the evil nymph. An epic fight happened. But, Alatarielle is losing. Alatarielle is still young. She has still so much to learn. At her age, her abilities are not yet realized.

Lavina managed to overpower Alatarielle. And with one single whip, the princess is trapped in vines. Alatarielle is struggling.

Alatarielle needs to decide. She is left with two choices: To embrace defeat and face certain death; or to overcome Lavina's wrath and win the battle.


Done in Paint Tool SAI
Art, Story, Alatarielle and Lavina (c) ME. :)
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